Sweat Tracker - every drop counts

What is especially beneficial about keeping in touch each day is that I am learning more effective ways of running and that I honestly can improve my speed and endurance. I think you all are doing a great job. [...] I'm really excited about [the PR Challenge]. I think it is a great motivator beyond the typical training.

- Trace, Arlington, TX


I look forward to meeting you and thanking you personally for the online training. For me, it has been the best. I learned a lot about myself and [...] did not get injured. That in itself is a big plus!

- Lin, Chandler, AZ


I am a 54 year old woman - not a couch potato but certainly not an athlete. I decided I wanted to learn to run, and maybe even run a race. Val was great about helping me set achievable goals. [...] I never imagined I would finish a race, much less be looking for another one to run. That is the power of Val. She helps you see possibilities.

- Leslie, Alameda, CA


I was happy about my performance and the structure of my training definitely rocked!! :) [...] I had fun, stayed injury free and smiled the whole way so that's a success!!!!

- Krissy, Sarasota, FL


I love the daily emails with the upcoming training schedule and knowing that I have a coach monitoring my progress. [...] Overall my experiences have been really good with Sweat Tracker so far!

- Amy, Washington, DC


Thanks for everything, I have made great progress so far, I never ran that fast before in my life.

- Christian, San Francisco, CA


It was such an awesome program! I felt like I definitely became a stronger athlete thanks to you guys. I honestly can't thank you enough! I'd love to use the program again for a race in 2016.

- Erin, Sydney, NSW, Australia


I am COMPLETELY happy with the progress we've made and feel the energy increasing every week! Please do yourself a favor and contact Valerie to see what you both can do to achieve your health goals.

- Jim, Sunnyvale, CA


I'm super excited about getting in shape. You really motivated me and inspired me! You look so happy with life... as I too want to feel that way.

- Paula, Fremont, CA


I loved having you as my coach, and I really enjoyed the training plan - it prepared me for the race, and I felt physically and mentally prepared. [...] Thanks for all of your support throughout the past few months. I hope to work with you again in the near future :)

- Heather, Chicago, IL

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